For its new Asia-Pacific headquarters, Club Med wanted an office that would reflect its unconventional and young-minded attitude. From the first conversations with 100architects and product designer Diego Fuertes, it became clear that the design should take inspiration from the vacations that the company specialises in and convey the happiness one feels when arriving in a sunny, new seaside destination.

Club Med wanted two main areas in the 1450-sq-m office to stand out: the lobby, to give a strong impression to clients and visitors; and the kitchen area, as the social hub of the office. Based on a Mediterranean perspective of holidaying, which involves a lot of swimming, the lobby is conceived as a swimming pool that immerses visitors under water.

To create this illusion, dark blue metal pipes were suspended from the ceiling, looping around to define functional zones within the lobby area. This outline is mirrored in the floor as blue carpet, surrounded by timber ‘decking.’ In the kitchen, a long, canary-yellow cabinet conceals all the required functions while a wooden amphitheatre at the end of the space hosts communal activities. In the open-plan office, shared workspaces are placed on the perimeter to take advantage of the daylight and stunning city views.

This piece was originally featured in The Other Office 3. You can purchase a copy here.