The Hull-born, London-based artist Richie Culver has always been interested in exploring the processes leading up to the socio-cultural nomenclature that separate poverty from wealth, or distinguish the provincial from the urban. His new series, The Four Letter Word, similarly explores existential themes in terms of binary differences: love and sex, life and death, the powers of good and evil. Approaching these dualities from the image-idea of the devil, Culver’s images are dark and dreamlike, allowing the viewer to contemplate his or her own truths as Culver grapples with his own demons.

Culver makes a considerable development in his photography with The Four Letter Word, manipulating light and movement to create complex and hypnotic images. Like a Rorschach test, his photographs are abstract enough to be left open to the viewer’s interpretation, while they reflect the exploration of parallel emotions, temptation ego, control, and the marvel of transformation.

The Four Letter Word is on at Skur 2 Gallery until 29 September.

Skur 2 Gallery, Skansekaien, 4006 Stavanger, Norway

Images courtesy of the gallery.