The design of cafés and other casual hospitality spaces has become centered in the ceremony and craftsmanship of coffee-making. Counters and bars are pared back to create a stage for the featured star – the espresso machine. In the most Instagrammable restaurants and cafés around the world, the espresso machine is always on prominent display – a symbol of cultural currency, projecting aesthetics fused with technology.

For Iberital, a company founded in Barcelona in 1975, the focus has always been on making the best machine to create the best coffee. The company’s heritage began with the humble rationality of parts machining. Informed by this legacy, ACID Studio director and chief designer Andreu Carulla refines the Iberital VISION to be a celebration of its parts. Having consulted internationally renowned baristas, Carulla set out to create an espresso machine that was intuitive in its design. ‘It’s like interacting with a friend,’ Carulla says of VISION’s dynamic system.

The process of refining the machine to its most essential parts also allowed Iberital and Carulla to identify how the design could become more sustainable. With funding and support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument programme, VISION has been awarded the 2018 Green Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the Platinum A' Design Award from The Grand A' Design Award and Competition Jury Panel. Its streamlined design and integrated smart technology have earned the Iberital VISION recognition for the craftsmanship, research and intentions that inform it.