Over the course of the week we’ll be sharing a few words from the winners of each of the four categories of The Great Indoors Award: Show & Sell, Relax & Consume, Concentrate & Collaborate, and Serve & Facilitate. Today it’s time for OHLab, whose Relojeria Alemana Boutique topped the Show & Sell category.

How does it feel to win?
Jaime Oliver: We weren’t expecting to win since the quality of the other projects was very high. We devote a lot of effort and care to each of our projects, and this recognition encourages us to keep on improving. We’re also very happy for the clients, Relojeria Alemana, who trusted us and believed in our design. Here’s hoping this award gives them good exposure.

How do you feel your project differs from its competitors?
All of the projects were very different from one another, which shows the diversity of each studio’s background and revealed an incredibly rich variety of design solutions. In this sense, our project was also quite different from the rest.

What did you think of The Great Indoors as an event?
The event was beautifully organized, from the selection of such a relevant international jury to taking such good care of the finalists. Having the opportunity to share two days with some of the best design offices from all over the world was particularly stimulating.

What’s next for OHLab?
We’re putting a lot of effort into teaching in Madrid, and our office is also working on a diverse range of projects. We just finished another jewellery store in Majorca for the same client [Relojeria Alemana] and a small restaurant in Madrid. We’re finishing up construction on a 500-m2 house with a garden renovation, have just started building a 200-m2 single-family dwelling, and are about to kick off construction on an office renovation. We’re also in the design-development phase of a 2000-m2 home. These projects are all in Spain. Outside of Spain we’re working on a house in Brooklyn, New York; a concept design for a restaurant in Lima, Peru; and an eco-resort in Argentina.

Photos Bert Janssen


About the project:
Five ‘precious boxes’ housing various functions are the real gems in OHLab’s Majorcan jewellery store. These stainless steel-clad volumes with golden mirror finishes add a sense of tangible luxury to the space, which the jury cites as a ‘very daring and well-proportioned project’, while complimenting the designers for ‘convincing the client that the architecture of a shop is at least as important as the merchandise for sale’.