Nothing is what it seems in The Kape, a retail space by Superfuturedesign with hidden depths.

The Kape is a women’s fashion brand that specialises in abayas, a loose fitting garment for women that can be worn as either a cloak or dress. Traditionally, these are modest pieces of clothing, but the brand has rewritten the rulebook by introducing colourful prints, intricate adornments and jewellery into its collections. Local studio Superfuturedesign translated this disruptive attitude into a boutique that, just like an abaya, conceals hidden depths beneath a modest appearance. 

A statement of strength is immediately made by the concrete facade that wraps around the store. To take the edge off the rough material, diagonal waves ripple across it to give the appearance of a piece of cloth. Two large windows showcase products, one of which protrudes from the wall to offer another play on perspective. 

Once inside, an atmosphere of calm and tranquillity pervades throughout. Sensitive lighting allows The Kape’s colourful products to stand out against a clean white background and sleek epoxy resin floor, while earthy pastel tones provide a welcoming touch of warmth. The terracotta tones guide customers towards one more conceptual twist in the fitting room, whose bright scarlet carpet and curtains are a refreshing surprise after the tranquillity established in the rest of the interior. 

Location Financial Center Rd,  Downtown Dubai,  Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This project was originally featured in the latest volume of our retail design series, Powershop 6. Get your copy here.