The latest addition to London’s Tate Modern has officially opened, featuring something completely unlike a predictable white-walled gallery space.

The Tanks is the UK’s first museum gallery decided to live art, performances, installations and films. Realized by Herzog & de Meuron, the project dates back to 1994 when the architects’ began to renew the former power station into what is today called the Tate. They say amid their renovation planning, they always wanted to keep The Tanks as original as possible.

‘They are not merely the physical foundation of the new building, but also the starting point of intellectual and curatorial approaches that have changed to meet the needs of a contemporary museum at the beginning of the 21st century,’ says Jacques Herzog.

The resulting raw, industrial spaces rise 30m in width and ceilings stretch 7m high. The architects say they aren’t a decorative ‘annex’ or addition to the existing museum, but ‘something really fundamental to Tate’s vision.’

The space opened to the public yesterday and can be visisted until 28 October for The Tanks: Art in Action festival of live performances. The completion of The Tanks is the first step in a renovation plan set to add 60 per cent more exhibition space to the Tate by 2016. 

Tate Modern
London SE1 9TG
United Kingdom