The renowned Italian chef’s new ConFusion restaurant in Porto Cervo is dramatic, luxurious, and surprisingly practical – thanks to Neolith Calacatta Gold.

The material was chosen for its unique qualities that combine the distinctive look and feel of Carrara marble with the high-performance properties of sintered compact surfaces. ‘We were looking for a material which would exude an air of decadence,’ Bassi explains. ‘Since Calacatta marble is one of the most luxurious marbles in the world, we knew straight away that Neolith’s Calacatta Gold was the one for us. It’s not only stunning, it is also an all-round material that can be easily applied to most surfaces and cover all practical requirements. It guarantees a great performance in terms of durability and hygiene – especially important when preparing food.’

Utilizing a groundbreaking digital design technique, Neolith embeds a dramatically bold veining with a hint of gold in the marble-like material for a sophisticated finish that resembles nature at its finest. Neolith Calacatta Gold in the wall cladding, countertops and flooring of ConFusion imbues the restaurant with the luxurious atmosphere of deluxe marble, without the maintenance and purchase costs. According to Neolith, where genuine marble can be impractical and difficult for architects and designers to work with, sintered stone such as Neolith Calacatta Gold is lightweight, easy to handle, and can accommodate the needs of the spatial design in its colouring and veining.

The restaurant in Porto Cervo is the second ConFusion opened by Italo Bassi and his wife Tatiana Rozenfeld, the first being located in Verona. Serving up Italian haute cuisine with Japanese culinary style and aesthetics, the ConFusion philosophy is of sophisticated gastronomic excellence. In the new restaurant, Bassi and Rozenfeld wanted to pay homage to the coastal context and selected a sandy palette of white, beige, and champagne for the interior. Polished brass and stainless steel contrast with the colour scheme, creating a charming and elegant atmosphere that is reflected in the cuisine.