Throughout the fashionable neighbourhood of Wyck, hospitality venues and cultural attractions have been invigorated with a creative redesign of their bathroom facilities.

A creative collaboration between local businesses, manufacturers and emerging creative talents, the Flush initiative proves that no space is too humble for a fresh and fun approach.

Students of the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design were invited to transform the bathrooms in nine diverse locations, with inspiration from the places of interest in the historic Dutch city and the extensive collection of Mosa tiles.

‘Mosa tiles are designed to reflect the power that a thoughtfully designed bathroom has to surprise and gratify,’ says Wieke Forschelen, Mosa representative. One example of this: the Townhouse Designhotel bathrooms, which were transformed by Michelle Zwinkels and Bojanna Aleksic.

Zwinkels and Aleksic were inspired by the décor and overall brand identity of the Townhouse Designhotel, with its warm material palette and bright colours. They wanted to extend the welcoming atmosphere of the hotel lobby to the bathroom, with a vintage vibe to match the eclectic personality of the hotel.

The communal, open spaces of the bathroom are tiled in light grey and pink, with bright yellow as a highlight in the styling items. Bright yellow tiles are used in the cubicles, a colour surprise when opening the doors.

Location Sint Maartenslaan 5, 6221 AV Maastricht

Meanwhile, to the east, Bouchon d'en Face had its toilets transformed by Jules Wanten.

The Bouchon d'en Face bathrooms before the transformation

A cosy family restaurant along the river Meuse, Bouchon d'en Face has a French-Burgundian atmosphere, says Wanten. The walls and shelves are covered with art and memorabilia, and a wine-glass chandelier immediately attracts the eye.

Wanten wanted to capture the authenticity of the restaurant’s aesthetic in its bathrooms. ‘Just because it’s the smallest room in the restaurant doesn’t mean it should go unnoticed,’ he says. Wanten found his answer in a repetition of pattern and design in the men’s and women’s bathrooms.

The Bouchon d'en Face men's bathrooms, transformed by Jules Wanten

The women’s bathrooms have a lighter palette; Wanten uses predominantly white tiles there, with grey in the men’s. However, both bathrooms share the same clean lines and symmetrical patterns.

‘I hope guests experience the feeling of retrouvailles,’ he says – the happiness of returning.

Location Wycker Brugstraat 54, 6221 ED Maastricht

Visit the Flush website for more information and an interactive map of the participating locations, which are (in addition to the Townhouse Designhotel and Bouchon d'en Face), the Centre Céramique, the Bonnefanten Museum, the Carnal Steakhouse and Burgerlijk restaurants, the Coffeelovers Café, , the SAP Bagel & Juice Bar/UMAMI by Han restaurants, and the Wyck Bazaar market.