Sometimes the smallest details come to define the smallest objects in a very big way. 

Take, for instance, the light switch collections of 10-year-old Spanish industrial group Font Barcelona. In terms of both look-and-feel and function, the brand appears to practice the same discipline of detail that a prima ballerina might: their forms have a ballerina's easy grace and imperturbable strength. 

The brand's inaugural corps of switches, dubbed 5.1, was designed by Oriol Guimerà and Joan Cinca and all of its collections since have built on this strong foundation. Five-dot-one strikes a balance between high-end design, functionality, technology — and customisation. These debut products set the bar high, featuring what would become Font Barcelona's signature blend of artisanry and industry, sculptural structural gestures and noble materials. But customisation has also become increasingly key to its offerings: its electrical mechanisms can be made to measure for each client.

Font Barcelona's 5.1 collection and its range of options put the emphasis on personalisation of the product.

Choose every detail. Font Barcelona allows designers to customize the 5.1 collection by choosing the plate material in steel, aluminium, brass or Corian, among other options, and contrasting combinations thereof, the type of mechanism in terms of its function and power, and its global aesthetics, from the finishes of plates, hands, washers, frames, buttons and plug base covers — that includes brushed, stamped, mirror-finished, painted, plated, matte, antique and satinated. 

You may not have known that each switch even involved all of these components. That's because the only thing visible in a Font Barcelona lighting mechanism is usually a lustrous, elegant face and a shapely flourish that is the switch.

The state-of-the-art design of 5.1 makes each piece a versatile luxury visually, but the mechanisms, whether for residential or contract use, can also adapt to the needs of each client. This functional versatility allows designers to install them in the universal boxes of electrical mechanisms and adapt them easily to various domotic systems. 

International recognition of its products from the likes of RedDot would seem to indicate that the brand's attention to the micro-expressions of wall fixtures — and their personalisation for individual clients — will continue to garner gushing reviews from critics.