The title of his furniture collection becomes a spatial experience at Nendo’s monochromatic solo show at the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute.

Thin Black Lines may be the name of Nendo’s recent collection – launched at last year’s London Design Festival – but thin, black-and-white lines also form the basis of the designer’s latest exhibition in Taiwan.

The designer says that since Thin Black Lines is a collection of furniture formed from ‘still black’, he wanted to use ‘active black on white’ in the exhibition space. Drawings on the floor appear to flow like water around the stands, guiding visitors and creating a dynamic spatial experience.

Also on display is the Dancing Squares collection, which is based on the concept of ‘active white’. Here, the designer expresses the idea of ‘still black on white’. Attached to walls and floor is a full-scale sketch of a room that will make viewers feel as if they’re seeing the space through a fish-eye lens or a tiny water drop.