There is a tradition of gallery installations blurring the line with architecture to produce questioning spaces that surprise and delight. In that vein is a recent collaboration between Céline Condorelli and Harry Thaler titled Things That Go Without Saying.

Located in the lobby of the Graz-based Grazer Kunstverein, the Members' Reading Room is split between a library, bookstore and exhibition space. Pine platforms step in and out of the white walls, arches and columns of the gallery creating areas to sit, chat and display books.

A bright, primary yellow cuts through the pine pyramid - a strong graphic element against the neutral tones of the gallery.  The new space aims to “concentrate on language display and production while doubling as space for social encounters”.  An abstruse aim perhaps, but as a fresh, adaptable space will no doubt be a great success for opening nights and quiet reading alike.

Photos by Christine Winkler and Céline Condorelli.