Out of a dark space once cluttered with old shop fixtures, shelves and a low ceiling, local studio Batek Architekten excavates a luminous, convertible space that can become many things to many people: a backdrop for beauty services and product presentations, video shoots and pop-up events. Minimalist, even austere in ways, it feels gossamer with light, finely textured and richly functional.

To create this easily customizable and 'insta-worthy' 130-sq-m space, the team chose a bright colour palette of cream, light beige, grey, nude and natural shades, which blend airily with the cement-bonded industrial flooring and columns and the daylight-reproducing high colour-index lighting. This gives the space the feeling of a gallery, ideal for myriad showcases.

Top: The whitewashed, smooth neutrality of the renovated surfaces stand in contrast to the cement-bonded industrial flooring and columns. | Middle: Stainless steel cubes can be moved around to create on-the-fly layouts for product features and presentations. The backsides of the pivoting steel shelving consist of full-length mirrors that make the space appear bigger. | Bottom: Copious white shelving crafted by Smile Plastics from recycled plastic cups offers many options for display or storage beneath pendant lights designed by Beirut-based studio PS Lab

Three ovoid floor-to-ceiling shelves made of stainless steel offer maximum flexibility and neutrality of look. These can pivot to divide the floor in two, creating a secluded rear area, or open the space up entirely. On their reverse sides, they are fitted with full-length mirrors that help to visually enlarge the space. A sleek solid concrete wash basin anchors the retail area at the front, while a four-metre-long stainless steel counter equipped with retractable mirrors draws the eye to the rear where a movable curtain made from a lightweight textile, offers privacy.


This project was featured in the latest volume of our retail-design series, Powershop 6. Get your copy here.