Two storeys, one-on-one training: with a space designed by Ramoprimo, Beijing gym M-Fit seeks to encourage maximum user autonomy. The local architects used colour, fixtures and layout to accomplish that brief, strategies other studios have also used of late to modernize the gym experience.

Colour is a main guiding tool. The dominate material is light-grey concrete, which Ramoprimo enlivens with energizing, bold elements. The main feature, for example, is a cyan-blue iron lattice structure. Extending into multiple areas, it creates a central area in which all fitness equipment is located, makes for visually permeable partitioning, and offers support for workout accessories such as hanging ropes and hooks.

Additional fixtures include a spiral staircase, a steel slide and a climbing wall, which, beyond offering opportunities to break a sweat, connect the ground floor and basement level. On the ground floor, the main training area offers a wide view into a neighbouring public park. This ‘represents the company’s ideals of a clean, healthy environment; fosters the sense of belonging to the M-Fit fitness community; and offers, at the same time, a simple and strong visual impact’, according to a spokesperson for Ramoprimo.

Comprising the gym’s basement level are small rooms, each dedicated to specific activities. The use of distinct colour to create ambience and imply function continues on this level: the locker room and arched tunnel-shaped class training spaces are bright cherry-red, to boost energy. After intense workouts are complete, users can unwind in shower rooms entirely covered by black texturized Bisazza mosaic tiles, or in the grey-toned break room.