Multidisciplinary creative agency Anagrama has been a part of the history of fashion boutique Novelty since its very beginnings, having been responsible for its graphic identity and first store design. In 2016, the Mexican studio was asked to further develop the brand, which features quirky, handpicked items from New York City, by creating a space where visitors can enjoy the experience of buying high fashion clothing and accessories.

To do this, the team designed an interior that feels more like an art installation than a shop, by filling the store with an excess of staircases, some of which can be used, others that are purely decorative. Inside, customers are transported into a world reminiscent of M C Escher’s illustrations, where up is down and down is up.

Top: Slabs of marble underscore the luxurious nature of the fashion products that the brand offers its customers. | Middle: Rugged plaster walls have been painted in a pink pastel colour to create a warm yet edgy atmosphere. | Bottom: The geometric lines of the staircases are accentuated by a play of light and shadows.

A further play on perspective is provided by the placement of lighting in alcoves and recesses, adding extra shadows and depth. Marble slabs and tables offer a return to solid ground while subtly alluding to the luxury of what is on display. To ensure that the store keeps a sense of femininity, the walls are decorated simply in pink plaster – a finish that, just like Novelty itself, is warm, rugged and ever so slightly eccentric.

This project was featured in the latest volume of our retail-design series, Powershop 6. Get your copy here.