Bringing us some of the freshest and most exciting art in Sweden’s capital is Galleri Magnus Karlsson, which has announced a group exhibition that will be on display through the summer. Time Waits for Us features works by all the artists represented by the gallery, including Marcel Dzama, Mamma Andersson, Carl Hammoud and Johannes Nyholm. The exhibition explores how contemporary ideas will be treated and implemented in the future, and yields deeper questions about art in relation to human existence, life and death. 

Time Waits for Us is remarkable for the showcase of traditional techniques, which are administered with great finesse and sensitivity. Amy Bennett builds miniature tableaux and uses them as a reference for her charming paintings, all of which suggest a hint of menace beneath the idyll. In the same vein, Jeff Olsson makes large scale charcoal and graphite drawings of people living in the wilderness, hinting at the abandonment of technology in the future. Sara-Vide Ericson’s paintings show barren landscapes, where “collective human dream patterns and archaic symbols have been used as guidelines”. 

Time Waits for Us is showing at Galleri Magnus Karlsson from 30 May to 18 August.

Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Fredsgatan 12, S-111 52 Stockholm, Sweden

Photos courtesy of Gallery Magnus Karlsson