Hong Kong-based artist Claire Lee has created a series of mixed media paintings and photographs, all for a good cause. Presenting tofu as a metaphor for peace and non-violence, Lee explores how the human condition can be extremely resilient and resolute in times of affliction. Giving a piece of tofu to groups of people from different backgrounds, Lee asked them to hold it, feel it and respond to it in different ways, photographing the results. Her photographs not only capture each person’s unique dialogue with the tofu, but also tell different stories of their lives.

Lee explains why tofu is the inspiration behind her work: “It does not have an attractive look nor an exciting taste, but I enjoy it a lot. It looks so pure and it tastes so plain, drawing me into the long-forgotten, unadorned space deep in my heart. It is so gentle, liberal and easy, with an unsettling boldness and sincerity hidden within.” She believes that her paintings and photographs evoke the simultaneous vulnerability and strength represented by a block of tofu. A limited-edition set of three books called Tofu & Violence will be available for sale at PubArt Gallery during her exhibition period. All proceeds from the sales of the book after publishing costs will be donated to a rape crisis centre called RainLily to support its services for sexual violence survivors.

Tofu & Violence is on from 25 October until 16 November.

PubArt Gallery, 78 Chancery Lane, Central, Hong Kong

Images courtesy of Claire Lee.