Superstudio Più saw the immersive Tokujin Yoshioka x LG light installation exhibited throughout Milan Design Week. The installation S.F_Senses of the Future went on to win the Milano Design Award for Best Concept.

An expression of LG’s human-centric design philosophy, the installation transported audiences into a possible future by combining cutting-edge display technology with Tokujin Yoshioka’s experimental design techniques.

One element of the installation was a wall structure that stood 16-m wide and 5-m tall. Called Wall of the Sun, it comprised of nearly 30,000 OLED modules: light-emitting panels made of organic (carbon-based) materials. The individual modules undulate gently, glowing with a soft, diffused light that simulates the comfort of a warm, sunny day.

The rest of the exhibition space told a story of the future through the commonplace chair, which was transformed through the application of OLED screens. Seventeen S.F chairs stood in the installation, rendered both static and dynamic with double-sided panels that flashed bright colours and shifting images.

Visitors could sit on the chairs to watch the displays, while becoming part of the display.

The S.F chairs make a statement on the highly stimulating and distracting nature of modern life, hypothesizing how much further this could develop in the future. The S.F installation extends and extrapolates from contemporary livingroom habits of sitting in front of a TV screen while simultaneously checking a smartphone or other mobile devices.

Tokujin Yoshioka x LG: S.F_Senses of the Future was awarded Best Concept ‘for the ability to synthesize the conceptual, technological, narrative and emotional aspects in one single project’.