Here's a ranking of our readers' favourite installations from the past few months.

1. Cherry Tree Installation by Tom Price
London, UK
Using nothing but polypropylene plumbing pipes and nylon cable ties, London-based designer Tom Price has created an entire forest of cherry trees.

2. Future Map Installation by StudioXAG at Selfridges
London, UK
Following its neon window display for Diesel in Paris, StudioXAG has created a geometric turquoise installation for Future Map at Selfridges.

3. Aesop Hong Kong Installation by Cheungvogl Architects
Hong Kong, China
Skincare retailer Aesop has created a temporary installation in Hong Kong’s I.T HYSAN ONE flagship shop.

4. Bubble Installation by Iris van Daalen
The Hague, The Netherlands
Dutch interior and fashion designer Iris van Daalen made a layered glass ceiling using a special technique to create the illusion of space.

5. 150,000mm Installation by Julian Preiss & Paul la Tourelle
Oslo, Norway
A pop-up installation in Oslo is a made of 150m of coloured thread.

6. Connect/Dissect Installation by Patrick Mifsud at Marsden Woo Gallery
London, UK
In an attempt to redefine the space at London’s Marsden Woo Gallery, artist Patrick Mifsud has created a giant installation using thousands of metres of polyester sewing thread.

7. Cause and Effect Installation by Ana Soler
Alicante, Spain
Spanish artist Ana Soler used 2,000 tennis balls and fine nylon thread to fill an entire gallery with a neon metaphor.

8. Electricity Museum Lisbon Installation by Ricardo Carvalho & Joana Vilhena
Lisbon, Portugal
Visitors to Lisbon’s Electricity Museum might think they’re seeing things through yellow-tinted lenses, as an exhibition is casting a lemony glow over the space.

9. Island of Life Installation by Satoshi Hirose
Rome, Italy
Japanese artist Satoshi Hirose has spent the past nine years collecting plastic caps, which he has painstakingly materialized in the installation Island of Life.

10. Infinity Installation by Chiharu Shiota
Paris, France
Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota has used a web of black threads to transform a room into a dreamy dark forest suspended in time and space.