At the crossroads of interior and industrial design, lighting plays an important role in bringing new interactive technology into our homes. Addressing current issues like sustainability, but also redefining our daily lives, new solutions range from the poetic to the highly inventive. Here are Frame’s top 10 favourite recent designs.  

 Species of Illumination by Bob de Graaf

Inspired by the triggered sensations of living creatures, designer Bob de Graaf developed a mobile and pendant lamp – that both search for dark space to illuminate autonomously. Moving like an animal, sensors respond to the intensity of light in any given space.

2. Inaho by Hideki Yoshimoto and Yoshinaka Ono

Little golden lights resemble ears of rice. These LED tubes are connected to flexible carbon-fiber stems that lean in towards passers-by. The entire installation looks like a grass-field moving in the wind. 

 Thanks for the Sun Series by Arnout Meijers

Rings of electronic wire create illuminated patterns. Aware of the types of light we require at different times of day, Meijer developed three lamps that blur the lines between work and leisure.

4. Glowing Crystals by Studio Roosegaarde

Daan Roosegaarde describes his latest project as ‘Lego from mars.’ Multi-coloured LED crystals respond to human behaviour. Charged wirelessly on magneticfloors, elements are combined as large public installations.

5. GraphLight by Niels Datema

Implementing industry-valued graphite for its flexibility, Datema developed a series of lamps entirely built from this material. The light turns on when two negatively and positively charged elements are connected, omitting any need of a switch. Graphite was not only used as an encasement but also as a dry lubricant.

6. Parlour Light by Donna Bates

Referencing childhood memories, Donna Bates developed a series of glass-blown lamps which look like half empty milk jars. With this project, the Irish designer taps into the current rural revival theme. Craft can influence design but design can also influence craft.

7. M Cocoon by L’atelier Woodlabo

Redefining the classic chandelier, French designer Gaël Wuithier created contemporary geometric forms that achieve a subtle glow. Inspired by Scandinavian design, the structure were built with only 3 per cent waste.

8. 28.280 by Omer Arbel

Searching for specificity in fabrication, Canadian designer Omer Arbel conceived a large pendant lamp to hang from Victoria and Albert Museum’s cupola during London Design Festival. 280 piece were handmade in collaboration with the design brand Bocci.

9. Wireflow by Arik Levy for Vibia

As a visual illusion, Arik Levy’s wireflow lamps trace the shape of contemporary pendant lamps like line drawings. Geometric structures – formed by thin black rods – hold up LED terminals. 

10. String Lights by Michael Anastassiades for Flos

Exploring the tension of white-cube spaces, Michael Anatassiades’ minimal conical and spherical lights for Flos are displayed like suspended telegraph cables.

Images courtesy of the designers