To celebrate Frameweb's first birthday, we've collected the 10 most popular stories that have appeared on the web - from Frame, Mark and Elephant  - in the past year.

The verdict? We're feeling very Japanese.

1. Top 10 Japanese Houses
On the Corner by Eastern Design office

‘Exterior walls are made out of square cut stone, concrete and glass formed like scattered cards,’ says architect Anna Nakamura of Eastern Design Office. ‘The edge of the triangular pyramid is like a wrecked boat, a fictional tip of a boat as if it were escaping from town.’
Photo courtesy Koichi Torimura.

2. Top 10 Shops in Japan
Beige by Nendo

‘The design uses ordinary materials in a simple way to offer great functionality,’ say Nendo representatives. ‘The playfulness of “reshuffling” the relationship between the materials effectively draws out their charms.’
Photo courtesy Masaya Yoshimura.

3. Top 10 Retail Shops
OWEN Shop by Tacklebox

‘I am in business to not only inspire people through clothing, but to captivate and ignite the client's artistic mind through a non-egotistical and creative atmosphere,’ says Salem, who commissioned designer Jeremy Barbour of Tacklebox to design the shop interior.
Photo courtesy Juliana Sohn for OWEN.

4. Cherry Tree Installation by Tom Price

‘It’s partly about the material and what can be done with it, but it’s also intended as an observation of our understanding and acceptance of beauty,’ Price explains. ‘There is a certain irony in representing something so natural and ephemeral with a material that’s manmade and has a very long shelf life.’

5. Panic Room by Tilt

The idea was initiated last year in Paris when Tilt recreated an old hotel room in Galerie Celal’s basement, then ‘destroyed’ half of it with graffiti. Thereafter, he was asked by the Au Vieux Panier’s owner, Jessica Venediger, to do the same in a hotel room.
Photo courtesy BigAddict.

6Interactive Crocheted Playgrounds by Toshiko Horiuchi-McAdam

Having worked with fibres and textiles since the 1970’s, Horiuchi-McAdam came up with her crochet concept almost by accident. In the 90’s she was installing a piece made of crocheted yarn, when children asked if they could use it as a hammock. She nervously agreed, only to discover that the piece was surprisingly strong. In correspondence to this new playfulness animating her work, she started using bright colours.
Photos courtesy Toshiko Horiuchi-McAdam and Charles McAdam.

7. Tori Tori Restaurant by Rojkind Architects and Esrawe Studio

‘Taking advantage of the plot’s conditions, our main focus was placed on renovating the house, stripping the residential interior and removing all familiar features to produce an entirely different environment,’ says Michel Rojkind of Rojkind Architects, who completed the project alongside Esrawe Studio. 
Photo courtesy Paúl Rivera, Rojkind Architects.

8. Top 10 Bakeries and Cafés 
Catalina Fernandez Bakery by Anagrama

‘The brick wall with white enamel is meant to make the store look impeccable, yet old fashioned,’ says Gustavo Munoz of Anagrama. ‘There’s an interesting contrast between the worn out bricks and the modern furnishings, with all simple and geometrical shapes.’

9. Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton at Selfridges

Inside Selfridges' Concept Store (an ever-changing shop-in-shop featuring new collaborations), are massive pumpkin-shaped displays and lights which form immersive bubbling forms. Kusama’s organic dotted patterns adorn nearly every surface available, covering the ceiling, floor and lamps.

10. Red bull headquarters Amsterdam by Sid Lee Architecture

As a whole, the space represents its nickname, ‘angel versus beast,’ the latter denoting the geometric black-metal-and-plywood structure on the public side. The structure is capped with semi-open rest areas handcrafted out of plywood, a material that recalls the building’s previous function – the boards might have been ripped off the hull of a ship – while referencing skateboard ramps to further enhance the brand’s wild side.
Photo courtesy Ewout Huibers.