Gone are the days of boring brick-walled school houses; these 10 school projects are ringing in a new age of design in education.

1. Kannisto School by Linja Architects Ltd.
Helsinki, Finland
A school near Helsinki caters to a quickly-growing suburban development.

2. Elementary School by JGMA
Chicago, USA
A new soccer-oriented elementary school, designed by JGMA, introduces an aerodynamic profile into Chicago’s Gage Park.

3. Chalmers Campus Lindholmen by Wingårdh Arkitektontor
Linholmen, Sweden
It may not seem like the geometric mosaic structure in the centre of Linholmen was inspired by the Italian Renaissance, but its architects beg to differ.

4. Biomedical Research Center by Behles & Jochimsen Architects BDA
Giessen, Germany
A research centre is a colourful addition to a university’s campus, adding unequivocal morphological relations to its predictable surroundings.

5. La Courneuve School by Dominique Coulon Et Associés
La Courneuve, France
The Josephine Baker School is the latest addition to a new urban development aimed at replacing 1960s’ housing blocks in the area.

6. Basque Culinary Center by Vaumm
San Sebastian, Spain
When designing the structure of a culinary school, it was only fitting that architects at Vaumm looked to stacks of plates and bowls for inspiration.

7. A School by Durisch + Nolli
Gordola, Switzerland
Pia Durisch and Aldo Nolli’s design for a school sits gleaming in the commercial zone of a small Swiss town, paying tribute to the area’s industrial structures while its silhouette also refers to the mountains.

8. Voltaire Building @ Paris Diderot University by Antonini Darmon Architects
Paris, France
The latest addition to the Paris Diderot University campus is a slender tower.

9. Matsuigaoka Nursery School by KOSEKI Architect Office
Matsuigaoka, Japan
A nursery school was inspired by two types of open spaces: those found in nature, and those where children love to play.

10. Hameau de Macou School Complex by Blaq Architectures
Conde-Sur-L’escaut, France
A former coal mining site has been reconstructed into a children’s school.