In Japan, one thing is clear: Nendo is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to retail design. In our Top 10 list of shop spaces from across the country, the Tokyo-based studio has been responsible for four of the best designs. Other winners include Noriyuki Otsuka, MOMENT and Rei Kawakubo. See the full ranking below:

1. Camper Osaka by Nendo
For its first store outside Tokyo, footwear brand Camper teamed with Japanese studio Nendo for a ‘Together’ shop in Osaka.

2. Le Ciel Bleu by Noriyuki Otsuka
A massive transparent cylinder inside an Osaka retail shop creates extra display space within a mesh steel cage.

3. Indulgi by Nendo
For a compact clothing store in Kyoto’s Nakakyo district, Nendo’s Oki Sato had to contend with a small but deep and narrow space.

4. Dover Street Market Ginza (DSMG) by Rei Kawakubo
Following the 2004 opening of the Dover Street Market in London, designer Rei Kawakubo has launched a second DSM shop, converting a dull office building in Tokyo into a store that reflects the brands´ ‘beautiful chaos’ concept.

5. BEIGE, by Nendo
Inspired by textile fibres in their most natural form, a womenswear shop boasts a neutral, simple aesthetic.

6. Aesop Ginza by Schemata Architecture Office
A 35-year-old shoe shop has been converted into yet another aesthetically intriguing Aesop boutique.

7. Yellow Peach by MuFF Co., Ltd.
At a children's store in Daikanyama, toddlers can shop - and play - in a rustic dollhouse setting.

8. Halsuit Shop by Nendo
A menswear store boasts an a-typical approach to buying, styling and presenting suits.

9. Fujimido Aoto Shop by MuFF Co., Ltd.
The corner section of a Tokyo rice cracker factory has been transformed into an on-site sales shop for its crispy creations.

10. And A Yokohama Shop by MOMENT
A clothing store ‘creates a rhythm for shopping.’

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