Now that we’ve reached the end of this year, we’re revisiting the spaces that received the most (virtual) visits. Here are our top-read articles on show interiors.

Photos: Random Studio


Random Studio for MINI

For the now-closed A/D/O creative space in Brooklyn, MINI turned to Amsterdam-based Random Studio to devise an installation marking the global launch of the new MINI Electric Vehicle. Titled Perpetuum, the work – more specifically, the kinetic landscape –  invited its viewers in to imagine the future of mobility, harnessing the vibrancy and dynamism of the Big Apple.

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Photos: Courtesy of Dior

2. DIOR AW20

Claire Fontaine

For its AW20 show, Dior gave Paris-based collective Claire Fontaine carte blanche, resulting in a graphically emphatic space at Musée Rodin. Neon signage overhead read like posters at a Women’s March: ‘Women’s Love is Unpaid Labour,’ ‘Feminine Beauty is a Ready-Made,’ ‘Women Raise the Upraising,’ and, hung powerfully times three in the centre of the white room, ‘Consent’. The set was in part inspired by the work of late art critic and activist Carla Lonzi.

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Photos: Barbara Medo and Presstigieux


Hilde Koenders

Designer Hilde Koenders has been contributing to Amsterdam’s Modefabriek for over 10 years now – her latest installation for the major Dutch exhibition was a 10-m by 10-m kinetic pavilion called Stripe Down. With Stripe Down, Koenders converted the otherwise ephemerality of face-to-face engagement into a tangible albeit digital product: downloadable videos of visitors interacting with the space.

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Photos: Courtesy of Prada



Greek mythology credits him as being responsible for carrying the weight of the heavens upon his shoulders: the valiant Atlas is a symbol for endurance itself. The Titan god made an appearance at Prada’s AW20 show in Milan, situated squarely in the centre of the unconventional, OMA/AMO-conceived runway in the form of an abstracted statue composed by a series of interlocking planes.

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Photos: Courtesy of Bureau Betak


Bureau Betak

At Bureak Betak’s production of Kenzo’s AW20 show, plastic was the star material. In fact, the set will be an enduring symbol of the agency’s commitment to the planet: the massive inflatable tubes, installed outdoors at the Institut National de Jeunes Sourds de Paris for Felipe Oliveira Baptista’s first Kenzo collection, will be reused ad infinitum in the brand’s shows, events and the like.

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