The high-contrast Gangnam store’s main merchandising tool is an electric utility pole, installed beneath white-lit architectural models.

In the two years since its founding, streetwear fashion label Acmé De La Vie (ADLV) has amassed a sizable fan group in its native South Korea, China, the US and beyond. Purveyors of trendy t-shirts, the brand’s flagship store is located in Seoul’s upscale Gangnam district. Niiiz Design Lab, a local studio, has refreshed this Cheongdam space to signify a new chapter in ADLV’s story.

Decked in high contrast black-and-white materials, the interior was designed to evoke the attitude of high-end streetwear. Marble, metal and light harmonize, setting the mood for an unexpected central installation: an electric utility pole, toppled over and supported upon rods.

Niiiz’ aim in incorporating a recognizable element from the street was to create a different perception within the retail environment. Taken out of its functional context, the pole serves as a display area, penetrating through rectangular objects for hanging and shelving constructed from steel and glass.

Hung above are three-dimensional, white-lit architectural models of a gate. These three mesh fixtures, which seem to organically emerge from the visual void that is the deep black ceiling, reference European Gothic style.

South Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster has seen much success in turning their stores into experiential galleries driven by unusual, mesmerizing installations. Perhaps ADLV will likewise evolve as their retail neighbor has, enticing consumers through fantastical, immersive spaces.