Twig Vessels by Benwu Studio are part of the Living Materials project; which sees twigs and branches transformed for everyday uses. Pasta jars, salt and pepper grinders, candleholders and egg cups are all part of the range that together present a fresh view of how natural materials might be used for industrial purpose.

Designers Hongchao Wang and Peng You gathered twigs and branches from Hyde Park for their project, seeing what applications the rustic shapes might lend themselves to. The pair experimented by binding branches with Jesmonite, rubber, plaster and Plasti Dip to make a new rugged composite material that can be sliced through to reveal a play of bold colours and patterns.

Wang and You founded  Benwu Studio in 2011 after graduating from ECAL and the Royal College of Art respectively. Based in London and New York City, furniture, product and spatial design.