Tucked away quietly in the northern-most parts of Norway, an intriguing composition of buildings sits gently atop the awe-inspiring nature of Fleinvaer island. From afar, the secluded set of cabins and cottages follows the landscape, appearing to actually trickle down from the hillside to meet the wild sea that surrounds the island.

’I got the lot on Fleinvaer in 2004. As time went on I felt an urge, a need, to share what I had found on Fleinvaer with others. I wanted to create a workspace unlike anything else in the world,’ says Lund, the client, a jazz musician. With this urge to share the breath-taking views in mind, TYIN Tegnestue and Rintala Eggertsson Architects come up with a design for an artist residency complex that adapts to the terrain and can be easily removed without extensive damage.

Opened officially during the summer of 2016 and construction completed in early 2017, the two local firms describe the process as being one of openness and passionate teamwork amongst the architects, students from NTNU (the Norwegian University of Science and Technology located an hour-flight away), and volunteer workers.

Stripping away any redundancy and unnecessary information in its architecture, there is nothing left but peace and serenity in the complex offering an array of wooden pavilions housing saunas, accommodation for artists of all kind, a cantine and concert hall dubbed the ‘Immersion Room’, and finally the ‘Njalla’ – the latter being a workspace overlooking wild nature, inspired by indigenous vernacular. A single steel column supports the premade steel skeleton binding a gable roofed room and proudly presents itself like a bird box. The Njalla seems to echo the need for a sustainable wildlife sanctuary on the island.

Laborious care was given to the sustainability of the project,  where the full use of all materials and minimising the impact on the landscape and terrain were key points in the completion of the project. ’We have taken care to inflict as few wounds as possible on Fleinvaer. We achieve this in part by making good pathways, spaces between the houses, and a common fireplace. This steers traffic away from the isles more sensitive areas,’ explains Sami Rintala. 


Site Plan - 1 Sauna  /  2 Accomodations  /  3 Canteen  /  4 Concert hall and Workspace  /  5 Njalla

Location Sørvaeret 2-4, Fleinvaer, Norway