Large Jenga-like pinewood blocks were used to encapsulate Undo – a fully interactive and technology-infused fair stand, mounted at last month’s EuroShop. Conceived by German scenography firm D’art Design Gruppe for their own corporate representation, the undulating cabin also served as a viable retreat.  

Covering 275-m2, the 5-m high deconstructed booth was accessible through three openings. Though model-sized building block were on hand as tangible ploys – used to experiment or explain new concepts – Undo’s true offering was a multimedia presentation.

Tablets interacted with QR codes – embedded in large wall-mounted typographies – to spark a series of live animations. Some programmes provided insight into the creative process while others revealed D’art’s extensive portfolio. Such visualizations allowed visitors to experience imagined space in an entirely new way.

Photos Lukas Palikm, courtesy of D’art Design Gruppe