The refurbishment of a winery in Valladolid, Spain, has reduced the use of materials to simple forms, creating an ‘elegantly sober sanctuary’ for wine.

The Vega-Sicilia winery now includes a new conditioning system, lights, staircases and a freight lift. Given the precise technical requirements in wine-making, every material used needed to be analyzed for bacteriological impact to ensure the wine would be top quality.

The two-level space has an underground cellar and spans 1860-sq-m in total. Walls are clad in tiles that blend with the floor; meanwhile, an undulating ceiling hides a special ventilation sytem. Rows of pillars divide the central room into three spaces; the pillars have been covered with granite.

‘The protagonist of the project was the wine barrels, so the concept of the project was based on resolving technical requirements, dignifying the architectural finish and achieving a globally harmonic space,’ explains Spanish interior designer Fernando Salas of Salasstudio.

Photos courtesy of Rafael Vargas.