In Knowledge Matters, Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos explain how they facilitate knowledge sharing within UNStudio to realise innovative solutions and discover new approaches to architecture. Coinciding with the book's release is a companion app that focuses on the firm's recent design of Arnhem train station the Netherlands. 

The interactive app Spaces of Flow is a free digital publication that accompanies the new book Knowledge Matters. The first in a planned series of digital publications with a focus on the future of mobility, Spaces of Flow elaborates on the application and production of knowledge in the design and development of Arnhem Central Station. For the first installment, the firm zooms in on this extensive and complex project, illustrating how the synthesis of external and internal expertise from a network of collaborators and stakeholders created a flow of knowledge that became essential to the success of the project.

The companion app features drawings, diagrams, photographs, videos, audio commentary, animations and a detailed timeline narrating the history of Arnhem Central Station.

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Photo Hufton+Crow.


The Spaces of Flow app accompanies UNStudio's new book Knowledge Matters published by Frame and will be released on 1 Sept 2016. It is available to order at our website here: