Smart mobility brand Urban Arrow partnered with S-p-a-c-e Projects on its bold Amsterdam brand and community space.

Key features

Purveyors of modular electric cargo bikes, Urban Arrow’s aim is to pave way for better, greener urban mobility. To share its product and the ethos behind that mission, the brand required a physical space in its hometown to reach out to its audience on a person-to-person basis, briefing local studio S-p-a-c-e Projects to do so. The result is a graphic, open interior that shows off the bikes on raised displays, these features interspersed by hangout areas for visitors – smooth transitions are key to the design. Dominated by cobalt blue (a wink to David Attenborough referring to Earth as a ‘blue marble’), red, white grey accents are also woven into the Urban Arrow Amsterdam showroom, with orb-like lighting and black furniture rounding out its contemporary style. 

Frame’s take

Mobility brands, are, more than ever, recognizing the importance of fostering community. Consequently, companies taking a more personal approach to sales, framing their showrooms as destinations for events and education rather than simply a place consumers to make purchases. For Urban Arrow – who ties its image with environmental awareness – it’s essential to have a place to express those values to audiences, especially younger generations of consumers. Amsterdam being renowned for its biking culture (and thus its over-saturation of uninspiring bike shops), this is exactly the kind of space that that target group, looking for an upgrade, would likely be attracted to.