BARCELONA – A 45,000-sq-m waste treatment facility near Barcelona is perched atop a controlled waste landfill site, infusing the space with new greenery.

‘Despite the size of the plant facilities, it is intended to achieve the highest landscape integration with the environment,’ say Enric Batlle-Durany and Joan Roig-Duran of Batlle|Roig Arquitectes.

The structure contains two large treatment areas under a large roof. These areas are separated by a driveway and have varying roof heights, given the size of the machinery under each respective side.

In order bring natural life back to the space, Batlle and Roig covered the roof with a landscape, containing earth, gravel and shrubs. The building uses water and energy generated from its own structure; a rainwater collection system is on the roof, while the biogas generated by waste a neighbouring landfill is also harvested for energy.

Photos courtesy of Francisco Urrutia