Rob Mulholland's Vestige installation will soon have a permanent home, as the Scottish sculptor has been commissioned to replicate it in weather-proof material.

Vestige consists of six human silhouettes (three men and three women) made of mirror perspex. Immersed in the woodland walk at the David Marshall Lodge in Scotland, the installation was originally intended as temporary. However, its popularity amongst visitors suggested its permanence would be a welcome addition to the woodlands.

Mulholland says he was inspired by the history of the location. Once an area of farms and rural communities, following World War I the inhabitants were re-located while forests were planted to generate timber. 

'I wanted to create a vestige of the people who once occupied and lived in this space,' Mulholland says. The figures embody a ghostly human presence and their mirroring of the surroundings suggests a fusion with nature.

Mulholland has two events upcoming this summer: an exhibition in Caol Ruadh, Scotland, and another one visiting different cities in the UK. 

Photos courtesy Rob Mulholland.