Instead of an overly flashy, exclusive restaurant, London's Viet Hoa Mess boasts a down-to-earth design with simple hospitality.

‘The new luxury is removing all elements that customers do not want,’ says designer Joseph Sung of VONSUNG. ‘Simply put, Viet Hoa Mess is a do-it-yourself steak house.’

Capable of seating 78 individuals, the restaurant has multiple individual light grill stations, where patrons can cook their own steaks on medea stone tables.

Viet Hoa Mess is comprised of two staggered, interlinked spaces: the ground floor café and the underground dining room. They are connected by a 5-m-high stone staircase.

‘The overall impression is of two buildings that are rubbing past each other,’ Sung says, adding that the design is a marriage of gothic and classical aesthetics.