NACKA – A long, narrow family house, Villa Blåbär is the result of PS Arkitekture’s careful study of the site and constant communication with the clients.

Leif Johannsen and Peter Sahlin of Swedish studio PS Arkitektur overcame the challenges of the sloped terrain and created a house that completely assimilates its surroundings. Its position allows the villa itself to function as a shelter to the terrace that accompanies the southern façade. The black roofing felt that covers both the roof and the façade lends an air of tranquility to the house that contrasts sharply with the rocky grounds and the white, even interiors.

Different living areas are set according to a hierarchy, starting in the public entrance hall and moving through the living room into the private master bedroom that sits at the very end of the house and affords the most beautiful views.

Energy efficiency is secured through the use of strategies such as ventilated timber frame, geothermal heating and an exhaust air heat pump, as well as a clever location of glazing.

Images courtesy of Jason Strong