THE NETHERLANDS – 123DV is a Rotterdam-based bureau specialized in the design of modern villas. Its strongly cohesive oeuvre contains recurring well-proven elements, while at the same time each house is given an individual conceptual approach.

The latest project is a bungalow in woodland surroundings in the middle of the Netherlands. Two simple interventions make the 475-sq-m house unusual. The driveway at the front leads to a sunken carport with the bungalow apparently floating above it. At the back, a transparent transition between indoors and outdoors has been achieved by means of a curved glass wall that cuts off a corner of the house and creates a covered terrace.

Inside, the uncluttered white interior has an integral design, so the abstract modernity has a good chance of holding its own against the humdrum of daily life. The curtains in the living room, for instance, can be slid completely out of sight and disappear into a hollow wall and behind a built-in cupboard respectively.

Construction and detailing are elegant while pragmatic: the large roof overhang is supported by a column, but it has been cleverly transformed into an eye-catcher by its size and the steel cladding.

Photos courtesy of Christiaan de Bruijne