Ushering in a new approach to aircraft design, Virgin Atlantic has revamped its A330 plane with a sleek, sophisticated concept.

The overall aesthetic is futuristic with angular lines, polished surfaces and geometric strips of lighting. The colour palette is largely neutral with pops of red – Virgin Atlantic’s signature shade – which covers stools and perches. RGB lighting can be altered to change the mood on board.

The plane is divided into different spaces; at its centre is a bar where flyers can mingle and relax. Surrounding it are stools, storage areas, private seats, standing space and storage. Necessities on a plane like oxygen kits, wheelchair storage and catering carts, are tucked into discreet hidden space to avoid clutter and eyesores.

‘Every aspect of the bar is rigorously designed for use, with no superfluous space, including under-counter glass storage for the tumblers and a back – lit angled recess to store the new champagne coupes,’ says Gautier Pelegrin of VW+BS, which designed the bar area. Virgin also worked in partnership with Pengelly Design Ltd. for the cabin seating section design.