TOKYO – In Tokyo’s Nishidai Itabashi neighbourhood, Japanese firm Apollo Architects & Associates have amazingly fit a three-storey residence in a 54-sq-m plot.

Monochromatically white and strikingly skewed on the upper floors, the building is perched on top of a hill. The architects subtract geometric forms from the main cube to generate an asymmetric, angular object.

‘To make the most of the magnificent view overlooking the north side of the plot, we decided to activate the latent potential of the location by installing panoramic windows inside the house,’ says Satoshi Kurosaki of Apollo, explaining the openness of the north side as opposed to the closed street-front façade.

Inside, a spiral stairway connects the three levels, which are defined by the strong contrast of the dark walnut (used for floors and furniture) and bright walls.

Terraces and picturesque views allow residents to experience a relationship with the surroundings – even while taking a bath on the top level.

Photos courtesy of Masao Nishikawa