At the Transnatural Workspace in Amsterdam, the Visual Vibrations exhibition presents art and design projects in which sound and light serve as a source for visualisation in form. It is part of the Transnatural Summer Jam, where artists and designers collaborate in remarkable ways with natural and technical phenomena.

By inviting the audience to participate in the experimental jam sessions, the visitors become part of the exhibited work, which includes collaborative pieces by: Olivier van Herpt (NL) & Ricky van Broekhoven (NL) / Jetske Visser (NL) & Michiel Martens (NL) / Christopher Gabriel (NO) & Arnout Hulskamp (NL) aka Children of the Light / Arnout Meijer (NL). During the opening at the end of June, the ceramic 3D printer of designer Olivier van Herpt was connected to music and the frequency was measured. The beats influence the texture of the resulting sculpture that is printed and is an experiment in cooperation with sound designer Ricky van Broekhoven. 

Discussing the exhibition's concept, curator Arjen Bangma comments, 'It was more a natural process creating this interactivity with the audience, than a well thought intention. Letting the artists jam together was the first idea. In general, interactivity in art and design pieces are mostly made from that perspective, supporting some kind of artistic goal or function. But in the process of making the exhibition, it was more like the work curated and experiments we've created together with the makers gave us the opportunity to sometimes let the visitors be part of the experiments as input.'

Connecting artists from various disciplines was the starting point, with the idea for the ongoing jam sessions being to create an air of mystery and intrigue. 'We just added new work by a graduate Sietze van der Star of the HKU who made this light sculpture existing of out of rings of light, the intensity of which is generated by live measuring the air light intensity on four different continents via webcams.' He continues, 'For the finale of the show on 18 September, we hope to connect the printer to the body to translate the heartbeat of a visitor into form (texture) in the printed object.'

The Visual Vibrations exhibition continues at the Transnatural Workspace at Lijnbaansgracht 148a in Amsterdam until 18 September 2015.

Photos Marleen van Veen