MILAN – The exhibitions of this year's edition of Ventura Lambrate both intrigued and inspired over 100,000 visitors within the short span of six days. Winning several accolades – including the Milano design awards of Best Concept for Lenvelt and Space Encounters' Boring collection and Best Technology for Jelle Mastenbroek's Data Orchestra – the exhibitors of VL16 sparked the creativity of visitors with many mediums including a gigantic melting block of ice, 2m x 1.85m Leca nut and concrete sculpture as well as thousands upon a hundred thousand balls of crumpled paper. With 935 participating designers to meet and see the work of, visitors soon discovered each project was just as stunning than the next.

Staged within an abandoned penthouse of an architect, RESET by the Royal Academy of Art The Hague integrated a collection of elements into a domestic setting for an experiential exhibition, one that comes to life with the element of people. With full-scale installations, Aarhus School of Architecture's History of Catalyst exhibition tapped into space's influence on everyday life, specifically sustainable ones. Assembled with robotic techniques of material thatching and CNC milling, structures of straw, brick and wood show the effects of technology on fabrication methods to incite a conversation about the direction of the industry as well as the topic's relevance to society. 

Artists, furniture and graphic designers from western Norway's Bergen Academy of Art and Design come together into a singular exhibition unite under the branches of the all-encompassing subject of trees. Each installation or object presented at Inside Wood is either literally or figuratively rooted in the subject. 

Addressing another of Earth's four elements, SlowWater - a drinking water project by British designer Brooks Sigal is a collection of ceramic vessels which interacts with the habitual ritual of drinking. Graduate of Amsterdam University of theArts, Carina Wagenaar crafts Life-size Medallions, objects which take on qualities of jewellery, albeit to embellish wall surfaces. Italian studio Chapel Petrassi's crafted wooden furniture and prototypes teeter on the boundary of sculpture and design. Kevin Oyen's Magic Bean is a clear demonstration of the Belgian artist slash designer's experience and attention to craftsmanship in metal working. Students of Universitat Politècnica de Valencia - Campus d’Alcoi unveil DOMOFFICE, a diverse yet cohesive collection of objects with minimal lines including the Bi-stool, minimal desk and XY lamp among others.