The newest W Hotel to open in Seattle features and organized hodgepodge of vintage, modern and futuristic elements.

According to architect Jeff Kovel of Portland-based Skylab Architecture, the space mixes symphony and grunge, mountain views with a wharf, and modernity with elements of a rustic lodge. He says the design reflects elements of Seattle – monorails, the space needle and Sonic boom steel aircraft – interspersed throughout.

‘Lodge poles define the space, rhythmically employing existing structural columns into a composition of new 6m tall interior pilings,’ Kovel says. ‘These stacked pilings intercept sitelines, creating an experience of walking under the wharf. They resemble log buildings, totems and even contemporary urban form. Ambiguity makes vibrant their mystery.’

Meanwhile, an homage to Native American culture is found in woven thread upholstery; it’s suspended from the ceiling in a lounge to create divisions in space. The bar is made of custom concrete tiles split in two, allowing it to emanate light.