A hair removal studio in Polanco, Mexico City, is a juxtaposition of geometric forms, neon hues, glossy mirrors and cunning visual distortions.

The cozy Wax Revolution salon rests below ground – an immediate challenge to making it seem bright and spacious. Originally a parking lot of a renovated 1950s building, the location was dark and humid prior to ROW Studio’s intervention. 

At the entryway, the designers created a faceted sequence black steel frame, extending from the street downwards to the salon. Inside is a long, narrow corridor, where mirrors and a black reception desk trick the eye to thinking the space’s dimensions are larger.

After turning a corner, clients find the colourful hallway with treatment cabins and lights at 45 and 90-degree angles, which disguise the low ceiling height.

‘Formed as faceted volumes that expand the visuals of the corridors, the halls are covered with colored mirrors that multiply the views, colors and lights to infinity in a mesmerizing effect,’ says architect Álvaro Hernández Félix of Row Studio.

Photos courtesy Sofocles Hernandez and ROW Studio.

Wax Revolution
Horacio 632
Col. Polanco