Every week we highlight those submissions which have been frequented by our readers and jury, in the lead up to the reveal of Interiors of the Month winners and honourable mentions. Here are the five most-viewed spaces between 8 and 15 January 2021.

Photos: Kim Donggyu


Studio Fragment

Designed by Studio Fragment, Seoul sporting goods store Kolon Sport is a sleek 442.95-sq-m space built with a palette including mirrored glass, aluminium and concrete. The creatives set out to ‘reinterpret the natural phenomenon that can be experienced in the forest’ through urban, industrial materials. ‘Brilliant use of form, light and material to play with the customer and draw you around the space,’ comments creative director at YourStudio Tom Edington of the interior, which is currently scored at 7.05 for Multi-Brand Store. ‘The contemporary and consistent palette really allows the product to not be overshadowed.’

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Photos: Studio Riebenbauer


Studio Riebenbauer

The makers behind Vienna bistro and single-brand store Öfferl Wollzeile 31 worked with Studio Riebenbauer to create an interior (7.08 for Single-Brand Store) which speaks to their local-and-organic food philosophy. Indeed the space has a surprising feature amid the modern elements: wall cut-outs installed with soil from their hometown, reflecting the company motto – ‘From the soil up’. ‘The starkness of the interior downstairs creates a lovely juxtaposition between the roughness of the artisan bread,’ says Cameron Fry, Liqui Group creative director. ‘However, I do question the seating area and whether it would be a nice place to occupy.’

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Photos: Thomas Meyer/Ostkreuz



Instead of working with well-known architecture firms for the redesign of its Kreuzberg concept store, Berlin independent retailer Voo joined forces with local small businesses, designers and artists. The renovation of the 310-sq-M former locksmith’s warehouse marks the Multi-Brand Store’s (6.6) 10th anniversary. ‘[The] anti-establishment squat aesthetic from the early 1990s has gone mainstream, or better, a little chic – in this case, executed meticulously,’ thinks Wiebe Boonstra, art director and co-founder at DUM. ‘On closer inspection, the interior shows many beautiful details in furniture, mini renovations and red socket compositions – urban archaeology at its best.’

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4. M0

Studio Mute

Submitted in the categories of Small Office (6.97) and Best Use of Light (6.86), M0 by Studio Mute is the workspace of rising design firm Lab M0, in Seoul. The client requested an ‘atmosphere of freedom’, so Studio Mute developed an open-plan space that allows employees to work from anywhere. ‘[It’s a very aesthetic office, with theatrical staging and arrangement,’ says Elena Apiou, head of design at Adagio Aparthotels. ‘I nevertheless wonder if the area has been designed for people to work in and use it. For example, the green table is stunning but does not facilitate dialogue and interactions between colleagues.’

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Photos: Shao Feng


Various Associates

Shenzhen farm-to-table restaurant Voisin Organique (7.82 for Restaurant) hosts a lounge, dining area and 110-sq-m kitchen. Various Associates conceptualized a space that would evoke the sense of ‘having a picnic in a valley’, creating an ambient mood through the use of refined materials and strategic lighting. Sanxia Zhou, Sunshine PR and Frame China director, has personally experienced the interior. ‘When I entered the restaurant I was impressed by its atmosphere,’ she explains. ‘I love the way they dealt with the ceiling and the materials.’

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