Every week we highlight those Frame Awards projects which have been frequented by our readers and jury, in the lead up to the reveal of Interiors of the Month winners and honourable mentions. Here are the five most-viewed spaces between 30 July and 6 August 2021, shared with comments from the jury.


Ultra Studio

The Drowned World Anchor represents our planet, oversaturated by information and objects. Submitted in the category of Set Design (currently scored at 6.88) the Minato, Japan project – centred by a giant iceberg – presents an abstract environment in which humans live in the balance between virtual reality and reality. ‘This “low-tech” environment allows the messaging of performance and projections to achieve centre stage,’ says Julian Lwin, spatial design director at LwinDesign and StreetFarms USA. ‘It’s lack of explicit design is central to its success as an avant-garde art space.’ 

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James Liang & Associates 

Located in Hongdu, Exhibition Aviation Dream (6.5, submitted for July round) commemorates China’s heritage in the aerospace industry. Spanning three storeys, the show is designed to immerse visitors in the history, from the industrial origin to the production of the first plane. The interior, swathed in a dark grey tone, is balanced by warm furnishings and fixtures. ‘Very edgy yet serious,’ comments Atelier Caracas cofounder Julio Kowalenko of the design. ‘Loved the combination of high-end materials with more ordinary elements like the cement ventilation blocks.’ 

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Photos: Sonja Schwarz


Design in Architektur 

Design in Architektur was tapped to redesign Hamburg Restaurant Bullerei (5.79, submitted for July round) upon its 11th anniversary of being in business. The designers retained some of the interior’s memorable design elements while bringing in a new, modern style (inspired by street art) and improving the connection of the spaces. Doris Sung, DOSU Studio principal and director of undergraduate programmes at the USC School of Architecture, commends the use of pink but notes that there is ‘too much plastic for sustainability points’. 

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Domani Architectural Concepts 

Domani Architectural Concepts’ vision for Meunier Aesthetics Medicine’s first flagship, in Shenzhen, was to create a dialogue between modern feminism and space. The designers explain that they explored contrasts between materials, lightness and darkness and spatial forms to achieve the desired effect, investigating the duality existent in women. So far, the Single-Brand Store has achieved a total score of 6.33. 

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Specific Generic

Specific Generic’s technology-driven, human-centred design for footwear brand On NYC takes visitors on a personalized, multifaceted journey. Built from aluminium, wood and concrete, the NYC flagship (7.25; Single-Brand Store) combines retail technologies like gait-cycle analysis and NFC scanning. It will eventually double as a seasonal hub for runners. ‘The mix of simple materials and hints of On’s DNA storytelling strikes a nice balance that feels unique in the athletic footwear marketplace,’ notes Benjamin Kaplan, design director of global brand experience at Nike. 

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