Popular brewery destination Moscow Brewing Company has recently been fitted with a brand space, its existing grounds complemented with a new tasting room, company store and lounge zone. Located in the Mystischi area of the Russian capital, Mosbrew is a vast facility, and tours are a fundamental part the guest experience. Practice Form Bureau took the lead on the 710- m2 brand space project, helping the company to further boost its hospitality and retail offer.

The Moscow building was completed in 2008, and has since been recognized as one of the most energy-efficient breweries in the world. Moscow Brewing Company prides itself on its modern approach to beer production – it was established 14 years ago – and the new brand space needed to embody that. The area was previously used to host a project called Brewhouse, which served as a platform for young street artists to show their work. Parts of those art pieces are still present in the space – the designers utilized them to influence the zoning, and as inspiration for new individual elements.

Bespoke features draw on both the company’s aesthetic and the industrial aspect of beer-making. Monolithic geometric furnishings stand tall, their stately look echoing industrial machinery and their composition reflecting the symbols already associated with Mosbrew. One key point for guests is a communal ‘tank’ bar stand for tasting, forged from steel. Pipe-shaped lamps and benches were created to emulate the look of large spools. But Form Bureau wasn’t just inspired by the brand and its industry: the architects also referenced 1980s product design while drafting these metal sculptures.

If, looking at the material palette, a guest gets the feeling they’re inside a distillery room, Form Bureau were successful in their intention. The concrete flooring, industrial lighting and metal features are all meant to evoke the finishes to be found where the star beverage gets made for all to enjoy.


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