Design consultancy studio Masquespacio creates the second Doctor Manzana smartphone repair store in the city, upholding the brand’s unique identity with large swathes of bold colour.

The collaboration between Masquespacio and the tech retailer began in 2013 when the design studio, founded by an interior designer and marketing specialist, informed Doctor Manzana’s branding with its design of the first retail location. Having been an integral part of the creative direction of the company, Masquespacio endeavored to create a distinct design that embodies the established identity and serves the practical needs of the smartphone repair service.

The colours chosen for the space are consistent with those established in the flagship. In addition to adding an aesthetic flair, the colours divide the space according to the different services provided by the store, helping customers to navigate the space. Green and blue correlate to the doctor, salmon represents the fashionistas, and purple is for the ‘geeks’.

The same palette and angles make the new store easily relatable to the original, while a few variations in details make it unique. Metal finishes are used more profusely and new elements are implemented to improve service and accommodate the inventory. Custom furniture and lighting along with a floor-to-ceiling plastic curtain evoke a funky laboratory aesthetic.

Masquespacio also designed customized seating for the space. The Doctor Workshop High Stool Chair will be the first product to be sold exclusively by the design studio as part of its new channel, ‘Mas Creations’. Complementing the bright, punchy interior of the store, the chair is sure to make a statement in other spaces with its blue matte finish, triangular legs and intriguing form.

‘Mas Creations’ is the expression of Masquespacio co-founder Christophe Penasse’s desire to create products without the constraints typically present when designing for a furniture brand. The goal, he claims, is to sell pieces ‘that we feel fit 100% with our identity and could be considered authentic’.

Doctor Manzana may take references from a laboratory, but the vivid hues keep it feeling far from sterile. The result is a stimulating space that embodies the brand and is functional in its strategic application of colour to guide customers.

Location Plaza Xúquer, 10 46021 Valencia