Customers in China are buying into premium menswear. They might be late to the party but bespoke tailoring is becoming more accessible and affordable to ‘the man on the street’ and the social experience of purchasing a custom-made suit is almost as important as the garment itself. Greater Dog Architects looks to combine the modern retail concept with a celebration of the traditional manufacturing process with its latest store for Leding Menswear.

Entering from a staircase enveloped by a blue, glass box, customers transition from the modern world outside into a pure-white, glistening interior. Tools and machines are used throughout the space to promote the hands-on aspects of the tailoring process – a core concept of the store’s visual narrative. A 2:1-scale illustration of the male body is represented on the deep-blue façade, creating a deeper and more human-focused connection between form and product.

'The creation of a proper suit needs to be based on details of the body measurement and carefully controlled by the fashion designer,' says a spokesperson for Greater Dog Architects. As such, the customer is invited into the space as an active participant in the production line between measurement and end product. 

At the heart of the space, the blockish sculpture Time Flow expresses the rises and falls of the tailoring fabric. Composed from 100x100mm blue cubes, the installation appears to grow around the entrance. The store also hosts a body-measurement area, seating and fitting area and a VIP lounge, which includes a long terrazzo table to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces.