To give our audience eyes and ears into the live judging sessions that took place at Frame Awards 2020, we're sharing coverage of the insightful jury conversations that decided the winning projects. Below, we celebrate the House of the Year: Roth Architecture's Uh May Residence. Roth Architecture was also the recipient of this year's Emerging Designer of the Year award. Find the full collection of reports in our upcoming May/June 2020 issue, Frame 134. 

With its flowing form and complete disregard of orthogonal design methods, Uh May Residence was praised for capturing the primal essence of humankind. The jury members were captivated by the charismatic presence of the nominee on stage – Eduardo Neira, a.k.a. Roth – and showered his project with compliments.

Roth threw rationality out the window in favour of feeling, emotion and the organic growth of nature that surrounds the site and its people. ‘The house evolves according to the needs of its users,’ said Dominique Taffin of Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, ‘and goes against the trend of prefabrication.’ Indeed, unlike preconceived ideas surrounding innovation, which include technological advances and efficient fabrication methods, Roth Architecture represents a countermovement that honours meditative slowness. Craftsmanship and improvisation are two of the studio’s design methodologies that incited extensive discussion among the jury members.

‘He’s touched on something that is essential to humankind, something we may have lost touch with in some way,’ contemplated Kelsea Crawford of Cutwork. Have we engulfed ourselves in too many concrete jungles to forget that architecture and design can grow in actual jungles?

Frame Awards 2020's Residential category was proudly sponsored by Laufen. The People's Choice award went to House in Kyoto by 07Beach.