‘Despite the country possessing a 14,500-km stretch of coastline, the allure of sea and sand has never been particularly strong in China,’ explains a spokesperson for the design team at Ippolito Fleitz Group, the studio behind a beachfront sales centre for real estate developer CIFI. Looking to change that mindset, the designers took inspiration from the building’s close proximity to the water in an effort to immerse visitors into the ‘relaxing world of the maritime lifestyle’.

Throughout the interior, visitors are immersed in shimmering silver surfaces and splashes of metallic blue, reflecting the oceanic views that come with the properties on offer. Details such as white sailing boats and sculptural fishing nets can be found on the smooth, curved surfaces which resonate with the flow of waves. The colours and forms of the interior form a manifestation of a dream life by the ocean, enticing buyers to imagine themselves in a new setting.

While the primary function of the building is as a sales centre, Ippolito Fleitz Group has designed the space in such a way that the interior can be repurposed for alternative uses – like as a beachfront restaurant, for example – once the sales phase is complete. Other spatial functions are currently accommodated by the building – there’s a cinema with floor seating which showcases films about maritime life, and a lounge with adjoining bar where visitors can take a relaxed view over the surrounding vistas while discussing deals with sales representatives.

The design harnesses the experience of high-quality seaside living in a way that truly accentuates the highlights and benefits of the nautical lifestyle. The team concludes: ‘With such an abundance of maritime quality and atmosphere, in the future even the Chinese are certain to set their sights on the sea.’