Kiev tattoo parlour 6:19 Studio is designed to resemble a contemporary art workshop.

Key features 

Balbek Bureau adopted the ethos of the tattooing team to develop the interior, which is situated on the ground floor of a residential building in the Ukrainian capital. ‘The concept of the studio is also that all our artists, despite the diversity of their styles and colours, are united by an exploration of minimalism,’ says 6:19 founder and artist Ulyana Nesheva. ‘Simplicity is the ultimate goal and the highest form of complexity.’ Thus, each object inserted into the bright, white 112-sq-m space – opened up through the incorporation of a round circle with in a straight-cut layout – is visualized as an art piece. An 800-pound concrete table, steel lockers, Mart Stam chairs, sculpture by Christina Ridzel and modern black tattoo beds are evidence. The designers chose to expose the brick-and-foam layers of the plasterboard interior partitions, and a black cube built between the walls contains a hidden wardrobe, a bathroom, and a dressing room for artists and customers.

Frame’s take

The minimalist simplicity of the space gives it an atmosphere typically observed in the wellness sector. Serving as something of a refuge for the tattooists and tattooed, 6:19 Studio displays a seamless unity between the aesthetic values of its main users – the artists – and design elements. Being that there are more people than ever sporting ink worldwide and an increasing number of proprietors reimagining spaces for the typically time-intensive practice, we’re looking forward to see how the typology develops with work like Balbek Bureau’s as a reference point.