Housed in a former textile and knitting factory, Slack’s new workspace celebrates the common thread between the building’s past and present. Designed by local studio Dubbeldam Architecture and Design, the space is the latest of the tech company’s workspaces in major cities across the globe.

Dubbeldam’s design is informed by Slack’s impact as a tool for collaboration and communication, in tandem with the building’s heritage. The company, which takes pride in its workplaces that boast an industrial past, occupies 2,100 sq-m over three stories with an open plan to encourage transparency amongst the team.

The studio chose to expose the building’s original elements such as the beams, brick and ceiling, embracing the existing architecture in integration with the interior design elements. Bold colours are used in reference to the company’s logo; the meeting booths which have been cut out of the main communal space are painted in vibrant hues. Exposed electrical cords of primary colours run expressively along the length of the ceiling, imitating the connectivity of the Slack platform.

The theme of connection is also translated into collaborations initiated with local makers. Felt Studio’s Kathryn Walter created an enveloping felt installation with layers of diagonal lines covering the walls and ceiling of the reception area, while Marcel Dion designed lighting that races across ceilings throughout the space, mimicking the stitch patterns of sewing machines. On each floor, large-scale pegboards were created by Atelier Kozák to dynamically display messages of the company ethos.

Location 171 John St, Toronto, ON M5T 1X3, Canada